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BBA Digital Media offers premium digital-out-of-home advertising to all - our passion is modern, design led digital media. Our reach of 750,000 customers a week across Norfolk, enables all businesses to utilise this innovative medium at truly affordable pricing. ​
In addition to providing market leading Digital-Out-Of-Home (DOOH) advertising, the team at BBA Digital Media has extensive knowledge and experience in creating and producing personalised motion graphic or HD video advertisements - taking you from concept, right through to displaying your advertisement on our state of the art screens.

With a passion for Norfolk, we believe in supporting local independent business and providing the most recent developments in digital advertising at competitive pricing. Working with us, you can use the same advertising mediums as 'the big boys' and drastically enhance your brand awareness.

Digital Signage/DOOH Advertising

Bring your brand and business to life
What is Digital Signage?

Simply put, digital signage is the use of media led imagery shown on screens. Digital signage harnesses the possibilities of motion graphics, and the new interactive capabilities of touchscreen and response led media to increase consumer interest in your product.

Our  digital signage screens can be found in high footfall locations, showing innovative and eye catching video media, advertising a range of businesses who benefit from this new way of spreading their brand message.
What is Digital-Out-Of-Home (DOOH)?

Digital-out-of-home advertising (or DOOH advertising) shows HD motion graphics, via screens, reaching the consumer while they are out of home.
By effectively pushing your brand message to consumers whilst they commute, shop, use a gym or wait in a queue, we harness every minute of the day.

Unlike traditional print or social media adverts, your advert is an encapturing, personalised, full colour HD visual, reminding customers of who you are and what you have to offer. These adverts cannot be blocked, closed or skipped, and they harness the widest possible customer demographic.
Why Is DOOH Such An Exciting New Medium?

Put aside for a moment the numerous advantages digital signage provides for corporate messaging, brand building and making any environment where people have to wait a more agreeable place to be. Let’s just focus on the advertising side of things.

The ultimate goal for a piece of advertising is to promote a product and incite purchase: digital networks can display rich messages that can be tightly targeted according to location, group, product type, etc. And these messages can be changed in an instant to react to any number of external conditions that might influence purchase.

No other medium possesses this combination of rich content display, targeted and instantly modifiable messaging.

High Footfall Locations & Captived Audiences, Gauranteed Engagement

Benefits Of BBA Digital Media Advertising

Fun, creative & dynamic that catches the eye
Digital Display Advertising Norfolk

Targeted Content 

We offer a range of locations, each with a specific target audience. We spend time getting to know each and every business we work with, so we can best advise which of our screens will most benefit your business and really maximise your return on advertising.

No Paper Waste

DOOH is an eco friendly advertising process - with digital advertising there is no paper waste. This means savings in printing and distribution costs as well as a direct benefit to the environment.

Audience Engagement

We capitalise on modern love of technology. Using the dynamic medium of DOOH we gaurentee a more relatable and captivating brand message.

Dynamic Content Control & Cost-Effectiveness

DOOH enables us to change your media message at the touch of a button, so we change with your needs. A last minute sale or promotion can be communicated instantly. 

Convenient Accessibility

We fully manage your advert - all you need to do is choose the date range. Once we have your finalised imagery we work remotely, so there is no wasted time or expense in travel, printing or shipping as associated with traditional forms of advertising.

Our Screens Are Switched On 24 Hours A Day, 365 Days A Year 

Our Digital Signage Circuits

In a competitive marketing industry how are we different?
        Advertising Circuits

A unique service feature at BBA are our advertising circuits. Along side individual advertising screens, you can choose to 'mix and match' or choose one of our established circuits to maximise your advertising reach.

 Get the Most out of Your Targeted Advertising 

Our circuits are hand picked groups of  screens, with specific target audience groups. When advertising on a circuit, your adverts will show at least 15 times an hour, on ALL the circuit screens. 

The circuits enable you to reach an even wider audience whilst also benefitting from the best value advertising package.

We want choosing us to be a no brainer, so we treat each and every advertiser as a VIP. To show you how important your success is to us, we gaurantee you business sector exclusivity on the screens you choose, for the duration of your advertising time.

 We will never advertise two competing companies on the same  screen or circuit at the same time.
 A Bespoke Service

If you would like to know more about our circuits, creating a hand picked circuit for your company or which of our screens would best suit you, drop us a call or email for a one to one chat with one of our team. We promise to take the time to understand your business and give you our expert opinion about increasing your audience with BBA.
Digital Display Agency Norwich
Our Circuits Reach 750,000 People Per Week

Screen Locations

Our DOOH screens can be found across Norfolk

Some Of Our Video/Motion Graphic Advertisements

Leathes Prior
Used our DOOH networks to tell their story and create more brand awareness.
Contract Personnel
Used our DOOH networks to increase awarness and grab the attention of people looking for temporary or full time work.  
Pop Up Pictures
Used our DOOH networks to boost tickets sales of their events across East Anglian by taking advantage of the amount of people our network of screens reach across Norfolk.
Bare Naked Foods
Used our DOOH networks to promote their health food products. Targeting our gym audiences who have both a social and healthy living interest.
Delia's Bar & Resturant
Used our DOOH networks to increase growing awareness of what's available at Carrow Road beyond the football. Targeting our wide demographic audiences who have both a social living interests.
intu Chapelfield
Used our DOOH networks to promote their late night shopping hours during the Christmas period.
Winsor Bishop
Used our DOOH networks to promote Valentines Day targeting our male audiences after a successful Christmas & January sale campaign.
Gravity Trampoline Parks
Using our DOOH networks to promote the launch of their new trampoline park in Norwich. Targeting our gym audiences and wide demographic who have active lifestyles.
Ciscoe's Pan Asian
Using our DOOH networks to promote the restaurant and its healthly food products. Targeting our gym audiences and wide demographic who have both a social and healthy living interest.
Using our DOOH networks to promote the opening of the new bar in Norwich and beyond with three other campaigns including Mantra's The Saturday Club.

Static Advertisements

Our Adverts Can't Be Skipped, Closed or Blocked

Creative Services

Your advert production, made simple
Creating your dream advert is our goal. Our fantastic designers, animators and film crew can take you from static image to a full motion animated advert.

Working with any budget, we spend the time to fully understand your design ethos in order to take it from concept to fruition - and we manage the lot! 

Once your motion advert is completed it is yours to keep. Your advert wont just benefit your BBA Digital Media campaigns: we encourage our customers to use their adverts on social media, their own websites, and in their online media packages for continuity and value for money.

This is a multi functional product that will benefit you in a range of ways.

We Offer Business Sector Exclusivity, We Won't Advertise Your Competitors

Become A Host

If you are a business looking to maximise on in house promotions/offers, attract new customers or simply just move with the times then look no further. BBA Digitial Media is always on the look out for new hosts! Hosting a BBA Digitial Media screen is a mutually beneficial way of harnessing DOOH advertising in house at NO COST to yourselves, whilst offering your customers innovative and tailored digital offers. If this sounds interesting, drop us a message and we can arrange a no obligation meeting, to tell you more about what we offer and the service we provide.

The Benefits

- Cost effective: Save on print and logistical costs

- Eye catching: Attract the attention of your audience

- Increased awareness: Ensure that your message gets across effectively

- Re-usable: Instantly renew your content

- Eco friendly: Reduced paper usage

- Targeted: Customise and display your message at specific times
Other advantages of becoming a partner of BBA Digital Media;

- All hosts benefit from a profit share scheme 

- Free use of a HD digital screen 

- Free Installation 

- Free Maintenance

​- Free management of inhouse adverts

- 10% Off Advertising On Other BBA Digital Media Screens

What some of our hosts have to say........

  1. Managing Director
  2. Managing Director
  3. Managing Director
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What Our Clients Say

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